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Introducing Metwally, the biggest A-hole you'll ever meet

on Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:56 am
Hi there, my name is Yusuf Metwally, better known as Metwally/Sion/Mr.Strong (depends on where you know me from, don't judge the nicknames or prepare for autistic levels of humor and roasting.)
I'm from Egypt, a Muslim b4 anyone asks.
I fucking hate racism, and don't get me started on politics.
I like to do one of two things, either do a very trolly - yet viable on paper - RP, or do RP that's so serious nobody actually likes me for it.
I also enjoy other videogames, like LoL for example.
Super hyped for TLoU2 btw, join the hype train everyone!
And yeah, if you have any questions consider this a Q&A(if you're a normal person) or an AMA(if you're dumb enough to call it that.)
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