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In-Game Rules [Updated Every Week]

on Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:21 pm
FRESH Gaming Roleplay's Server Rules

1.) Metagaming

    Definition: Metagaming is defined as mixing OOC Information ICly.Example: Person A and Person B are in a Discord Call. Person A is being chased by the LSPD. Person A tells Person B his location and Person B comes and helps Person A escape Custody. This is Metagaming because Person B wouldn't have known where Person A is ICly unless Person A had contacted Person B ICly.Punishments: If found Metagaming punishments may range from a Warning to a Ban if it is severe. It is usually up to Admin Discretion.

2.) Powergaming

    Definition: Powergaming is defined as forcing Roleplay onto someone else or performing Non-Human Actions.Example: Person A approaches Person B. Person A decides to rob Person B. Person A does the following line of Roleplay. * Person A pulls out his Gun pointing it at Person B's head before Person B can react. This is Powergaming because Person A pulls out his Gun without giving Person B any time to react. A better line of roleplay would be this. * Person A attempts to pull out his Glock 22. * Am I able to do so? ((Person A)) Person B would then reply accordingly if Person A can pull out his gun then Person B would respond * Yes you are able to do so. ((Person B))Punishments: If found Powergaming punishments may range from a Kick to a Ban if it is severe. It is usually up to Admin Discretion.

3.) Deathmatching

    Definition: Deathmatching is defined as killing someone with no IC Reason or Roleplay.Example: Person A gets an M4. He walks into Idlewood and starts mass murdering for no Reason and doesn't roleplay. This is Deathmatching because Person A has no IC Reason to be doing so and he doesn't roleplay at all.Punishments: If found Deathmatching punishments may range from an Admin Jail to a Ban. It is usually up to Admin Discretion.

4.) Abusing SA:MP Physics

    Definition: Abusing SA:MP Physics is defined as someone abusing the Mechanics of GTA San Andreas or SA:MP to gain an advantage over others.Example: Person A bunny hops (Jumping Repeadtly) to go faster. Person A C-Bugs in order to shoot faster. Person A abuses BMX Physics to evade Police or others.Punishments: If found Abusing SA:MP Physics punishments may range from a kick to an Admin Jail. It is usually up to Admin Discretion.

6.) Use of Third Party Modifications

    Definition: Use of Third Party Modifications is defined as using External Programs to improve your game.Example: Person A downloads an Aimbot to never miss a shot. Person A downloads wall hacks to see players through walls.Punishments: If found using Third Party Programs you will be banned IMMEDIATELY.Exceptions: Exceptions to this rule are Mods that don't enhance your game to give you an advantage such as ENBs, ETC, And Binds. Binds are allowed as long as they dont replace roleplay.

7.) Robbery

    Definition: Robbery is defined as taking someone elses money.Example: Person A walks up to Person B. Person A pulls out a weapon and robs Person B for $250. $250 is the robbery limit. You must also be above level 3.Punishments: If found robbing players Below Level 3 or if you are Below Level 3 and robbing you will be Admin Jailed or Kicked. If found robbing above the robbery limit you will be Kicked or Admin Jailed.

8.) Disgusting Roleplay

    Definition: Disgusting Roleplay is defined as Rape, Bestiality, Dismemberment, Sexual Actions, Necrophilia, etc. Disgusting Roleplay MUST be done Away from others and EVERYONE must have agreed to the roleplay OOCly.Example: Person A walks up to Person B. Person A kidnaps Person B and takes him to an alleyway away from civilians. Person A then performs Sexual Actions onto Person B without getting OOC Permission.Punishments: If found participating in Disgusting Roleplay without following the Requirements you may be Admin Jailed or BANNED.Exceptions: If someone doesn't feel comfortable during Disgusting Roleplay they may stop the roleplay at any point.

9.) Safe Zones

    Definition: Safe zones are defined as areas where Crime Can not occure.Example: Person A walks up to Person B. Person A robs Person B in a safe zone.Punishments: If found breaking Safe Zone rules you will be either Kicked or Admin Jailed.Exceptions: If crime started outside of a Safe Zone and it leads into a safe zone then you may continue the crime.Safe Zones:

    • LSPD HQ
    • Any Government Building
    • Mall
    • Prison

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