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Cicero Organized Crime Family

on Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:38 pm
Founding of the Mob
The Cicero's family was made during a conflict that took place between the Cicero's and the Romano family during the months of November and December of 1986. During the 1990s Donald Cicero had run an infamous crew that had control over unions, and the trucking routes in New Jersey, however during the turn of the century, cocaine was introduced to the crew. The cocaine usage led to many of Donald's crew over-dosing or heading to prison, however the one that the media got hold of turned out to be the one that exposed the crew's business. Larry Josephine was one of Donald's respected enforcers, he had committed over twenty murders in the space of a decade, yet he was never charged because like most cases involving the Bakersfield crew, the witness was either deemed untrustworthy or forgot everything.

In November 1991, Donald Cicero's identity as well as vehicle plate number was captured by a nearby CCTV camera outside of The Headliners club. Cicero fatally shot NJPD Officer Mike Hendrix and fled the area a few minutes later. NJPD Officer Jordan Toms who was outside the nightclub claimed that an argument broke out before the shooting. Within the next twelve hours, both men’s houses were raided. The NJPD recovered a stash of twelve AK-47s, five Glock 9s, six sawn-off shotguns, three Semtex devices and under a kilo of cocaine all hidden underneath the floorboards. They were both sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Mike Hendrix, arms trafficking and narcotic trafficking.

The aftermath of these incarcerations were met with severe and ruthless repercussions from the crew’s ageing street boss, over the next month Cicero's became haven to the worst bouts of Gangland hits since 1998 with the crew’s numbers being downed from eighteen to four members, most, if not all of the fourteen members of the crew were murdered identically to each other with car bombs being the preferred option for the Romano's crew.

This is when Zane Cicero appeared; sources differ on how he came to New Jersey and when he came to New Jersey however Kevin Williams, Laden Wright's ex-Lieutenant said that from experience, Zane probably appeared to take advantage of what was a depleted criminal organization. From this, the remaining four members of the Cicero crew, William Delane, Larry Donnelly, Patrick Cicero and Michael Cicero moved their operations to Atlantic City, New Jersey on the January of 1997, marking the start of the Cicero's Organized Crime Family, what seemed to be motivated by Zane Cicero.

The Newark Massacre
The Newark Massacre was the name given following the destruction of a crew that partially operated out of Atlantic city and Newark, Paul Estward was presumably the head of the crew and Zane Cicero called him out a large amount of times to pay up protection fees to the mob. This was not taken with much of an agreement by Paul and his associates who allegedly set up two hits on Zane through the local Outlaw Motorcycle Club, paying upwards of $20,000 weekly to them to take out the reputed Mob boss. The MC went straight to Zane. Paul put out another hit on Zane, this time through the Romano Crime Family. Of which, he offered to pay a weekly amount of $100,000 to remove Zane, however like the MC, Zane was met by an Informant Anthony Solari who informed him of the deal.

On that night, Paul's associate Talem went missing; later that night CCTV footage was released of three masked males piling a male of Talem Mangly's size and description into the trunk. Following Talem's disappearance, Paul Estward was found dead three hours later, his body parts were located across the room and signs of struggle were noted, he had multiple whipping marks to his body, needle insertions, his fingers were cut off and he was then shot in the head. As a subsequent factor of Paul's death, the remaining four members of the Newark crew were found and murdered. On the 12th November 1999, four bodies were found in a landfill site, NJPD did not make any arrests due to the lack of evidence.
Zane Cicero's assassination June 5th, 2017
Zane Cicero's regime was one of short longevity, due to health-related problems Cicero stepped down almost immediately to become an advisor to new boss Paul Cicero.

Cicero's regime was met with animosity by other organisations in New Jersey, in particular the rivaling Romano family. Nevertheless, Cicero sought a different path to that of his predecessors. Paul Cicero's regime was known to have been one of the less violent regimes in the mob’s history. Deals over the coming months were struck with former rivals to the mob as well as other crime familys.

However, on June 2nd, 2017, Michael Cicero's Nephew Jimmy Cicero arrived in New Jersey. Information of his close uncle’s death was provided to him during his time in San Antonio, Texas. Hits were devised to take out the main parties involved in his Uncle’s death.

On June 5th, Zane Cicero was exiting his apartment building in Downtown New Jersey, when four masked gunman exited their vehicles and shot Cicero to death. Autopsy showed Cicero was shot seventeen times.
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Re: Cicero Organized Crime Family

on Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:52 pm
Good luck!
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Re: Cicero Organized Crime Family

on Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:55 pm
Looks good, good luck! Smile
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Re: Cicero Organized Crime Family

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