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San Andreas Network

on Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:16 pm
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The San Andreas Network is the primary source of news in the State of San Andreas. We offer media coverage for the entire state in the form of live news, written articles, and much more. The Network is segregated into two career paths which include journalism and reporting although potential employees are encouraged to pursue both.

Journalists will be responsible for editing, writing, and publishing for their assigned section in our newspaper The Los Santos Post. A journalist will  be responsible for conducting investigations and interviews to include in their articles. This position is catered towards those looking for an office position with limited field work.

Reporters will be responsible for conducting live broadcasts and covering assigned topics on our television station. Additionally, reporters will have the opportunity to interview, investigate, and relay findings during active situations that are occurring in real time. This position is catered towards those looking to spend most of their time in the field with limited paperwork.

To apply for either of these positions please send a letter of interest Jack McCall or Stephanie Winters.

For any further questions or concerns please contact one of the following employees;
Editor and Chief Jack McCall -  90236 -  ((Forum PM))
Deputy Editor and Chief Stephanie Winters - ((Forum PM))
Production Director VACANT -
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