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Tyrone Blue Story

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:00 pm
Tyrone Blue son of Quincy Blue and Chelsea Hulldor was born on June 2, 1995 at the California hospital on the south side of the city. Tyrone never knew his father, the only thing his uncle Terrel told him about him was that he had no choice but to integrate the BD 300 (Black Disciples) who reigned over their district, and ended up getting killed with a bullet in the head by a cop during a hold-up that took place in a house and which lasted hours and hours. Kamal was not too noisy during his childhood, it was after meeting someone named Kamal in the first year in high school that he began to put his hand in everything illegal,Gamal was refusing and fighting with Tyrone to don't hang with Kamal as Julian knew all his shit and he wasn't trusting him, Tyrone was just ignoring his brother and getting cash with Kamal, Tyrone and Kamal grew up together to become best friends, Kamal always told Tyrone that they had to join the Black Disciples because Kamal saw this older brother been badass and made a lot money, and so he kept putting pressure on Tyrone until he cracked and accepted despite the fact that he did not want to join them, , After two months they were already familiar with everything that is posed illegal, selling marijuana and everything that goes with it. With time, money and chicks began to rise at Kamal's head, the business had changed him and considered himself as Tyrone's superior. One day Kamal was counting his benefit as always does with Tyrone to take fifthy-fifthy but he gave Tyrone 1/4 and kept the rest for him, Tyrone getting crazy and filled with rage jumped on Kamal. Kamal grabbed a small knife that he always kept on him and rushed towards Tyrone. With all the tension and adrenaline pumping in his veins, he pulled out his glock and put an end to Kamal's life. He returned home and told the whole story to his brother, since he was familiar with all the violence of the gangs in California and out of fear for his brother, decided to empty the house that night and flew to San Andreas Los Santos where he rented at Jefferson Avenue with Tyrone. Tyrone and Julian They had alot of knowledge about the OGF.. Since the OGF were formed by Tyrone's uncle Terrel back in the days,Tyrone Blue, the niece of Terrel, has decided to set the gang back with Julian, Contacted few of its original members, saying his uncle Terrel blessed him about the deicision, but only few had accepted the offer. Tyrone and Julian and few of his friends are now running the Orange Grove Family again. With the guide of his uncle Terrel and help of few friends, they are back on the streets doing illicit activities.
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Re: Tyrone Blue Story

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:25 pm
Look good!
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