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Full 0.3.1 Features List

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:01 pm
Full Feature List that FG:RP Has To Offer!

Weapon System

Master Account System

Inventory System

Drug System

Drug Effect System

Dynamic Faction System

Dynamic Business System

Dynamic House System

Dynamic Weapon Clip System

Billboard System

Unique LSPD Cruiser Callsign System

Metal Detector System

Prison System

Hunger & Thirst System

Marijuana License & Shop System

In 0.31 We have added the following

Fixed an issue with Faction Skins. (Karma)
Fixed an issue with Portable Radios. (Karma)
LSFMD now has their own radio channel, "9112". (Karma)
Admins no longer trigger Anticheat Warnings. (Karma)
Added Weapon Licenses, you'll have to have an admin (level 4+) give you it. (Karma)
Updated some plugins (Karma)
Minor Bug Fixes (Karma)
Added a "Black Market" system. If you have access granted by an admin, you're able to pay for imports of weapon parts from the mafia. The higher the weapon grade, the longer it takes for your parts to arrive. (You have to wait a certain amount of paychecks/hours) (Karma)
You'll see the NPC mafia member and checkpoint in the Weapon Depot if you have access, otherwise, you won't see either of them. (Karma)
Changes to /flocker. (Bauer)
Added /hq for important announcements. (Bauer)
Changed /tazer to /taser (Bauer)
Increased maximum ammount of Faction Skins from 8 to 25. (Bauer)
/animcmds changed to /animlist. (Bauer)


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